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John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Bed-In

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John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono used a publicity stunt on their honeymoon called "The Bed-In". Their honeymoon had taken place within the time of the Vietnam War, when many of our men were being drafted in a war they did not want part in. The point of the "The Bed-In" was to promote peace. During their protest for peace, they stayed in the Amsterdam Hilton and at Montreal's Queen Elizabeth Hotel. From 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. they sat upright, in white, and in beds talking to reporters about their cause. In addition to their bed-ins, the couple made attempts to meet with world leaders but were unsuccessful. They had also sent acorns to the heads of state various countries. They had expected that the acorns be planted to promote and symbolize peace. Forty years later, the couple's bed-in stunt was not only remembered, but also influenced a group called The World March for Peace to host more bed-ins in a public fashion.
John Lennon was very optimistic about peace and was also very individual. He did not just preach non-violence, he stood and took action for non-violence. How often do you find people who actually try to contact state officials in terms of world peace? He was also a man who went against critics and seemed to pay no mind to their constant criticism of his long hair and his long facial hair look. I firmly believe that if John Lennon was asked to take a march for peace (and against the Vietnam War) that he would have glady done so, even if that meant jail.

Angelina Jolie

external image BBC-026366-200x300.jpg Angelina Jolie Voight was born on June 4th, 1975, in Los Angeles, California. Her father, Jon Voight, is a well established actor. Her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, is both an actress and model but made a more modest living. Her life had been that of a nomad's when she was young, because her mother constantly moved back and forth between the states of New York and Los Angeles. Throughout her teens, Angelina fought with her self-esteem and confidence. She was constantly bullied and criticized growing up because her wealth (or lack of), her skinny build, and having worn both glasses and braces. She even went as far as to cut herself. She was originally inspired to be an actress from often going to the movies with her mother, not by any of the acting careers of her family members. She had enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theatre, and even though she dropped out at one point of time, she came back and with much success. Throughout her acting career, Angelina Jolie has won an Oscar and three Golden Globe awards.
Angelina Jolie has used her fame and success to help better the world. She is a non-conformist, an environmentalist, and actively stands for peace and non-violence. She has contributed millions of dollars in charity to countries such as Cambodia, Tanzania, Thailand, Pakistan, Ecuador, Kosovo, Kenya, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Egypt, and more. Her help is there, whether her cause is to preserve the land or for the treatment of AIDS. Angelina Jolie has both met and spoken to state officials of other countries about non-violence and the conditions that we are sending refugees into. She has also stood for the respect of Muslim countries, and spoke out against a planned burning of the Quran at a church to mark September 11th's anniversary with great emotion. Angelina Jolie often exposes her uniqueness and her eccentric personality to the public eye, and no matter what the reporters publish, she remains the same woman. Angelina Jolie is not only a very inspiration female of modern day, but I believe you could also call her a transcendentalist.


external image madonna.jpgMadonna is a musician, actress, and entreprenuer who demonstrates nonconformity She was born on August 16th, 1958, in Bay City, Michigan. Her career had initially started in 1978 when she moved to New York City. She had a love of dancing since she was young, so she came to New York City aspiring to be a dancer. During her stay in New York City, she had developed a new love - music. She was signed to Sire Records in 1982, and her first album (Madonna) was released in 1983. The music Madonna produced, with hits such as Like a Virgin, was considered taboo in the eighties. At that time, you did not express sexuality to such a degree that Madonna did. The outfits she wore on stage matched the sexuality within her songs. For this reason, Madonna has always been a popular topic for critics. During her world tour, "Who's that Girl?", the pope had strongly urged those who were faithful to being Catholic to stay away from her. Despite such criticism, Madonna has maintained her own personality, values, and differences from others, therefore she is a nonconformist.

Can't Keep by Pearl Jam

I wanna shake
I wanna wind out
I wanna leave
This mind and shout

I've lived
All this life
Like an ocean
In disguise
I don't live for
You can't keep
Me here

I wanna race
With the sundown
I want a last breath
I don't let out

Every being
The bad feelings
It's just me
I won't wait
For answers
You can't keep
Me here

I wanna rise
And say goodnight
Wanna take
A look on the other side

I've lived
All those lives
It's been wonder
Full at night
I will live for
You can't keep
Me here

This song reminds me of transcendentalism and its concepts because it is passive, yet says that the writer cannot be kept where they do not want to be. It also reminds me of the transcendentalist (Thoreau and Gandhi) who went to jail as an act of protest. To summarize their own words on the matter, both Thoreau and Gandhi believed that their bodies may lie in jail, but their minds were not caged at all. "You can't keep me here," seems to be pretty close, if not the same concept.

Come The Day by The Seekers

I know that one day soon a song shall rise;
You'll hear it with the sleep still in your eyes,
You'll waken to a brand new day,
Can you hear bells ringin',
Voices singin',
Far away?

A time when every man will be as one,
A time to reach right out and touch the sun,
Come the day.
Freedom's still a thought within your mind,
The fleeting thing that some may never find,
It may be still a million miles away,
Can you hear bells ringin',
Voices singin',
Far away?

A time to live without doubt or fear,
Welcome to the happy world that will be here
Come the day.
The trumpets of war will cease to blow
The sound I hope that we may never know
We're waiting for the day,
Can you hear bells ringin',
Voices singin',
Far away?

Lift up your voices and sing this song,
Let the whole world hear it loud and strong,
Can you hear bells ringin',
Voices singin',
Far away?

These are lyrics promoting peace. The beginning verses attempt to paint an image of what the day peace comes will be like for the listeners (You'll hear it with sleep still in your eyes...). The lyrics go on to describe peace - emphasizing equality, freedom, and happiness (Voices singin'). The word "peace" itself represents non-violence. It literally references to harmony amongst people, or a non-warring condition.

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